The goal of the Wildwood Christian Academy's Dress code is that students present themselves in a clean and neat manner as a representation of Wildwood Christian Academy. While we recognize the uniqueness of each student and seek to develop individuality, it is also important for each student to understand the concept of appropriate dress for particular situations. The criteria for the dress code promotes modesty, respect, safety, and discretion.


Uniforms are the required dress code Monday through Thursday. Friday is casual day. School uniforms can be purchased in the Dennis Uniform Store in Yorba Linda and they are available to purchase online. Parents are able to buy SCRIP for the Dennis Uniform and utilize a 3% credit towards tuition accounts.

We have chosen Dennis Uniform for our uniform supplier.

*All main pieces must be purchased from Dennis Uniform.


uniform attire

6th-8th Grade Boys: Grey polo with the Wildwood Christian Academy logo. Uniform pants and shorts must be black and purchased from Dennis Uniform.

6th - 8th Grade Girls: Cardinal polo with the Wildwood Christian Academy logo and black skort or black shorts.

All students must have a minimum of 1 full uniform with the Wildwood Christian Academy logo. These items must be of good quality in order for students to appropriately represent Wildwood Christian Academy in the community.

Socks must match the school uniform. White, black, or gray colored socks.

Students must wear predominantly black colored tennis shoes or dress shoes with the school uniform.

Colder weather and outerwear: Dennis Uniform has pre-approved outerwear options: Black sweater with WCA logo and black jackets for boys. Gray cardigan sweater with WCA logo and black jacket for girls. All outwear and jackets must be black.

In the cold weather months: 6th - 8th grade girls are encouraged to wear black or gray leggings under skort.

Chapel Attire

Boys must wear black pants to chapel. Girls are to wear their regular approved uniform.