MArsyla family testimony

Prayer. That one word is how I would describe our school experience. Our eldest started public school in kindergarten. We prayed. God opened the door for a Christian education. Our school closed after her kindergarten year. We prayed. God led us to another Christian school. We moved to Beaumont. We prayed. God allowed me to homeschool our oldest daughter for a year. Homeschooling tested our patience. We prayed. God knew just what daughter needed and I found Wildwood Christian Academy while searching for different schooling options in the area. My husband and I attended a Preview Night and we prayed. While sitting and listening to Mr. Isaac speak, I prayed. I remember having great peace and leaning over to my husband and whispering, “This is where our daughter needs to be.” We’ve been here 4 years now and we have all three of our children at Wildwood. Never in a million years did I ever believe we could put 3 kids through private school. But, we prayed and God listened. Never were our prayers directing God, but we always wanted His will to be done in each kid’s life. That’s why we will continue to pray for every school year. And we will pray for you as well.

Wildwood is truly a blessing. From the staff, to the curriculum, to chapel; Jesus is in the center. Not only are they challenged academically, but they are challenged spiritually. Time is spent in prayer and the Word every single day. I know that their teachers are praying over them specifically. I know that even when my kids mess up, they will be met with grace. I know my kids are loved. I never have to worry if my children are being taught the truth. When parents are asked what they want most for the kids, the answer is almost always that they are happy. My answer has and always will be that they are with me in Heaven. Wildwood knows the importance of each kid’s salvation and partners with the parents in teaching the truths of God’s word. “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 1:4

Middle school is fast approaching for our oldest daughter and what a great God we serve. He has graciously allowed Wildwood to start a middle school. In a time of major transition for a child, this opportunity will be met with a grateful heart from all of us. We can’t wait for all of the amazing opportunities involving academics, sports, friendships, service and of course prayer. God has some absolutely wonderful things ready for these kids at Wildwood. And we can’t wait to witness it all!

WCA Grandparent Testimony

 Dear Mr. Isaac,

I would like to share my testimony regarding Wildwood Christian Academy and how I see it affecting the lives and character of my grandchildren who attend your school.

Our oldest granddaughter is now in her fourth year at your school, approaching the age where many children struggle with the pressures and temptations aimed at teens. Hannah is confident in her faith based, I believe, on the family and school environment she is growing up in. She, like all of us, is not perfect but she is kind and loving and knows right from wrong. I’m blessed to see how she sees and understands the world from a Christian perspective. Your teachers and staff are to be commended for developing this environment at Wildwood.

We also have two younger grand children who now attend WCA, and they also show the same tenderness of spirit and love, also due to the loving environment in their home and school. My wife taught for over 10 years in a Christian school and she is impressed with the quality of the academics at Wildwood. We are both extremely pleased with the progress of our grandchildren at this school, we know that they are getting a high-quality education in a Christ-centered environment.

We’ve attended our grandchildren’s Christmas and other special programs such as Grandparent’s Day and love the Christ-centered approach to all things done at Wildwood. We see how our grandchildren’s spirits are being positively influenced at your school.

This year I had the privilege of helping with the kids’ soccer games. What a blessing! All too often I’ve seen kids overly focused on winning at any cost, behaving poorly and treating opponents as enemies in a variety of sports. Working with the Wildwood kids, and the kids from the other schools was a complete joy. All the kids played hard, but they played with a spirit of fairness and respect for each other. It was very uplifting to my spirit. The coaches treated the kids with loving kindness, and it is reflected in how the kids behaved on the sport’s field.


Les and Karen Marsyla