We have selected curriculum from various publishers which best accomplish our academic goals. Our kindergarten class uses BJU Press Kindergarten Curriculum, as well as ACSI Math. The first through fifth grade classes use curriculum mainly published by Bob Jones University Press with small additions from companies that include  Purposeful Design, A Beka Books and Answers in Genesis. 

Curriculum listed is first - fifth grade

Kindergarten Utilizes BJU Press, as well as acsi for math

Regarding Common Core

"Here at Wildwood Christian Academy we have the blessed opportunity to educate our students to the highest standards through the most effective teaching strategies. Regarding the newly released federal education standards, Common Core State Standards (CCSS), we are not obligated to adopt or adhere to them. While there are some positive aspects within the CCSS we have set out to implement a curricula that is both rigorous and biblically foundational that meets and exceeds all federal standards. WCA will educate the whole student by having the students academic, social, and physical skills revolve around their relationship with Jesus Christ. below you will find two links and one attachment regarding the statements our curriculum publishers have made about the Common Core State Standards and teaching."