At Wildwood Christian Academy we are excited to be able to offer small class sizes. This gives the students an opportunity to be educated in an intimate learning environment. Students have the freedom to ask questions, receive individual attention, and be discipled by our Christ loving teachers. It is our vision that the students in each class would make life long friendships built on Christ as the center.

*Our full day Kindergarten program runs from 8:00am - 2:20pm. The class size maximum is 18 students. The full day kindergarten will allow for additional teaching and purposeful playtime. During the full day schedule students will be educated in Bible, Reading, Handwriting, Math, PE, Science, Social Studies, Health, and Art. Full day students will be given a short rest time after lunch. All students will attend weekly chapels.

Classroom Student Maximum

Kindergarten - 18 student maximum
1st Grade - 20 student maximum
2nd grade - 22 student maximum
3rd Grade - 24 student maximum
4th Grade - 24 student maximum
5th Grade - 25 student maximum