Wildwood Christian Academy exists to offer a Christian education primarily to Christian homes who attend evangelical Christian churches. It is a privilege, not a right, of the student to attend WCA. With this privilege come certain responsibilities. The school reserves the right to dismiss a student for just cause. Also, parents who are participating in practices that would be considered illegal, or considered by the school immoral or inconsistent with a positive Christian lifestyle such as: cohabiting without marriage, or in a homosexual relationship will not be considered for admission.

   Students are required to regularly attend an evangelical Christian church and at least one parent professes a personal relationship with Christ to be considered for admission. Enrollment is considered an agreement between the school and the enrolling family. The student handbook spells out the generally expected conditions of that agreement. Occasionally a student/parent/family may be admitted under probationary status with additional stipulations and/or restrictions.

   The administration reserves the right to recommend and/or determine grade or classroom placement of a child based on which educational program is best suited to meet his or her needs and abilities. WCA does not have special education programs. Other factors include, but are not limited to, the other students in the class, as well as the classroom teacher. Students who are known to have exceptional behavior problems, or who require special education interventions beyond the resources of the school, may not be admitted to this school.

   Each student must be in good standing from the previous school attended (i.e., passing marks academically, good behavior record.) The student must be willing to abide by all the procedures and rules of Wildwood Christian Academy. All new students are admitted on a probationary status for their first nine weeks.